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Have you have my dreams, there are mountains and water, there are green guys.
In this spring season, the Green Jay family's May 1st journey begins! "Fireworks in March under Yangzhou", "Twenty-four Bridges Mingyue Night's famous sayings, spread to the ages, let the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign scholars linger on and forget, the happy smiles of the partners recorded this beautiful moment.
Provincial Food and Drug Administration leaders visited Greenwich Research and Guidance
On July 6, Zhang Qi, Director of the Comprehensive Coordination Department of Food and Drug Supervision and Management of Shandong Province, and related leaders from Yantai City and Longkou City Food and Drug Administration visited the company's research and guidance.
Join hands with Green Jay to win the future
On August 4, 2018, from Guangxi to Longkou, the distance of more than 2,000 kilometers was far away, but a bottle of fruit vinegar connected us to become a family that loved each other. In three days, we will observe, discuss, and think about the future together, and feel the green industry's health industry together.
Green Jie apple is cooked, beautiful in the middle...
In the autumn of October, the harvest season, the green apple is cooked! The unique geographical location and superior climate have created a crisp and delicious green apple. Looking at the big red apples, the branches are really mouth-watering!
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