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Yantai Lvjie Beverage Co., Ltd.

Sales hotline: +86-16688189863

Fax: 0535-8662878

Company Address: Lujie Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province

Wechat: 16688189863


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Resource advantage

The company is a key leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization city. The company is located in Yantai, Shandong Province, which is known as the hometown of fruit products and a world-famous high-quality apple producing area. It has a local 10,000-acre orchard as a raw material base. Apple has the characteristics of large output, easy storage and stable price. In accordance with the idea of “regional layout, large-scale development, standardized production, intensive processing, branded marketing”, in 2016, Green Jie expanded the new modern apple base and gradually realized the modernization, standardization and promotion of all the apple bases of Green Jie. Apple's deep processing industry upgraded. The unique geographical location and natural conditions provide a healthy and high-quality raw material guarantee for the production of high-quality fruit vinegar beverages by Lujie.