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Apple raw vinegar

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Background of Company
Lvjie Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The company located in Yantai, Shandong Province which is the hometown of apples in China. It integrates fruit tree planting, research and development of fruit vinegar brewing and development, production and sales.
The registered capital of the company is 61 million yuan. The factory area is divided into Apple planting base, Apple juicing area and production plant area. The factory covers a total area of 121,000 square meters, with a construction area of 36,000 square meters.

Source of apple vinegar:
Lvjie Co., Ltd. is in Yantai, Shandong Province, which is known as the hometown of fruits and the world famous high-quality apple producing area.
The unique geographical location and natural conditions provide healthy, high-quality and sufficient raw materials for the brewing of high-quality apple vinegar.
The company has 10,000 Mu orchard as raw material base, chooses the latest fruit varieties and adopts three-dimensional cultivation technology and integrated management mode of water and fertilizer.
The company also hired fruit tree experts to guide the whole process, implement construction in strict accordance with green food standards, and implement modern and standardized management of the entire base, so that the whole production process can be traced and controlled, laying a solid foundation for improving the quality of apple deep processing.
In addition, the company also has an advanced Follins fermentation system, annual fermentation capacity of 20,000 tons, aging tank storage capacity of 20,000 tons.

Technology and characteristics of apple vinegar: 
Green planting base, authentic Yantai apple brewing, using 100% fresh apple juice fermentation. Real two fermentation which is through the two fermentations of alcohol and acetic acid, without adding any vinegar or grain vinegar, without adding any preservatives, flavors, pigments, and fermented raw vinegar at least for 365 days. After 360 days, the original vinegar can be transformed as mature apple vinegar. This kind of "Lvjie apple vinegar" apple with strong aroma and the taste of it is particularly soft, mellow, fragrant. Relying on Research of Development center, the company has obtained 25 patent certificates and completed 17 achievements transformation, including "Research and application of immobilized liquid fermentation technology of apple vinegar cells", "Research and application of ripening and aging technology of apple vinegar", "Research and development of probiotic fermented fruit and vegetable juice beverage", "Research and Application of New Multi-strain Co-fermentation Technology for Apple Vinegar". Above four achievements have reached the leading level in China based on appraisal. In 2015, the company was approved as Yantai Apple Vinegar Engineering Technology Research Center.
In addition, the company and Jiangnan University, Jinan Fruit Research Institute, Shandong Agricultural University, Qilu University of Technology, Yantai University in professional personnel training, laboratory construction, fruit and vinegar brewing research and development and fruit and vegetable deep processing and other aspects of production learning and research cooperation, and technology research and development level are in the forefront of the domestic industry.

Technical parameters of apple vinegar:
Product Implementation Standard GB/T 18187; The book of "Fermented Vinegar"
Aging Period: one year
Expiration date: three years 
Total Acid: 5% - 5.5%

Appearance: Amber color, liquid body clarity, allowing slight precipitation.
Taste and smell: It has both apple fruit and vinegar aroma of vinegar. It has unique aroma, soft acidity, long aftertaste and no peculiar smell.
Packing Form of Apple Vinegar: 
Packing in barrels: 25KG PVC barrel, 200KG iron barrel & IBC tonnage barrel

The Research and Development and leading of core technology have laid a solid foundation for the further development of Lvjie.
Since its inception, the company adheres to the development concept of "green life, outstanding quality" and devotes itself to product development and production with the attitude of "devotional, concentration and profession".
In the future, Lvjie will continue to implement the development strategy of "science and technology as the guide, win the market by quality, honesty build the brand" in the industrial chain of vinegar brewing and strive to explore the road of innovation and development!